The current project is about a historic alcohol distillery located in Moe village, Lääne- Viru county, northern Estonia. Although the distillery itself is not functioning anymore, most of its buildings are still there and under the cultural heritage protection, because of its long history that dates back to 1688.
    Our job was to take part in a design work that would turn one of the distillation buildings into an alcohol and soft drink museum. All three floors of the museum building are to be restored in order to hold exhibitions.
    The idea of the museum is to preserve and introduce the legacy of Estonian alcohol and soft drink distillation in a modern context. Museum offers a complete overview of the topic, starting with the historic manor distillery and finishing with today`s modern techniques.

    • Location: Tapa municipality
    • Estonian alcohol and soft drink museum design project
    • Museum building
    • Project management
    • Architecture and constructions
    • Interior design
    • Heating and ventilation
    • Water supply and sewage
    • Electricity
    • Water drainage
    • Roads/ paths and squares

    Designed by Inseneribüroo Urmas Nugin OÜ and partners.
    We took part in architectural and constructive design and designing the roads/paths and squares
    Our company was represented by:
    Project manager: Lauri Lokko
    Architect: Alar Liin
    Designer: Raul Tihane
    Constructor: Peep Nurme

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