The project stadium is located in Soe village, Tarvastu municipality. The new multifunctional stadium was designed to be constructed instead of the existing one, which is a home-field for FC Tarvastu- a football club that was founded in 1994 and is active until today.
    As requested, the new stadium was designed according the requirements of Estonian Football Associaton for second division games. In addition mini-football, volley ball and street basketball fields were designed.

    • Location: Tarvastu municipality
    • Design project for football, beach volleyball, street basketball and mini-football fields
    Design project
    • football field
    • street basketball field
    • beach volleyball field
    • mini-football field
    • drainage
    • inventory
    Project manager: Lauri Lokko
    Designer: Ahto Kree
    Designer: Rauno Lõiv
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