Land amelioration

    Throughout the history people have farmed the agricultural lands and used different tools and methods to do so. Nowadays the difference is that primitive tools and farm animals have been replaced with modern machinery, but even the machines are useless if they start sinking on wet ground and get stuck. If you are facing similar difficulties, then you most likely require land amelioration. It needs to be handled delicately, because if designing a drainage too small, it might not prove to be useful enough and the opposite- a drainage system too large can make the ground too dry and then you may require an extra irrigation system as well!

    Our team is experienced in both- amelioration of forest lands and agricultural lands. We have worked with different specific amelioration projects and designed access roads and bridges. If you can`t find what you are looking for from below, contact us nevertheless! We will find a solution for you by cooperating with our partners.

    agricultural lands
    Agricultural lands
    access and service roads
    Access and service roads