Hydraulic engineering

    Water is an invaluable resource and one of the most powerful forces in the world, which people have tried to tame since the beginning of the time. Nowadays we are using water for so many various purposes that we don`t even stop to think about where it comes from or what would happen if we lost control over it. People have managed to regulate a small percentage of the world`s water supplies but from time to time we are reminded who really has the control. For us to remain on the driver`s seat, we need to consider every single detail before dealing with water. Since water is used in so many different ways, the hydraulic constructions also vary and each one of them have their own specifics, knowing which requires experience.
    Our company is specialized in inland waters engineering and throughout the years we have been working with plenty of very different projects and thus we are experienced in:

    Artificial water bodies
    Artificial water bodies
    fish and crawfish farming
    Constructions for fish and crawfish farming
    hydraulic power plant
    Hydraulic power plants
    fish migration routes
    Fish migration routes
    reparation of water bodies
    Reparation of water bodies
    rainwater management systems
    Rainwater management systems
    water supply and sewage
    Water supply and sewage