There is a popular fishing spot on the banks of river Emajõgi at Reku area in Elva municipality that has potential to become a legitimate port. Several plans and projects have already been made for that but so far due to different problems none of them has succeeded. Today the prospective port area can be accessed by a gravel road and dozens of cars are often parked near the riverside that hasn`t got a proper parking area.

    The latest spatial plan proposes to construct an aquatorium capable of hosting around 50 boats, a port building, a boathouse and to reconstruct a historical watchman`s building. The aim of the spatial plan is to propose a unite solution for the whole port area, that would develop tourism and possibly provide work for the locals.
    That section of the river has only a few access points, thus having a proper harbour would also provide better opportunities for observation and inspection, in order to limit illegal fishing and environmental damage that comes along with it.

    Spatial plan
    • Location: Elva municipality
    • Visualization of the whole port area
    • buildings
    • piers
    • parking lots
    • landscape design
    Design project
    • port building and boathouse
    • parking area for 90 vehicles, access road, pedestrian paths, caravan parking area
    • deepening the aquatorium, vertical planning of the area
    • floating piers for 46 boats
    • reconstruction of two boat ramps

    Spatial plan: Inseneribüroo Urmas Nugin OÜ

    The project was created by us and partners: Inseneribüroo Urmas Nugin OÜ (project management, hydrotechnical constructions, vertical planning, roads, squares, vegetation, visualization), Symptom Architect OÜ (architecture), Streng OÜ (constructions), O3 Inseneribüroo (utility network), Elekter OÜ (electrical appliances)

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