The designed tower is located in Hara village, Kuusalu municipality, Harju county.
    The project is about finding a solution for an existing depreciated observation tower, which after evaluation was found to be unsafe for the visitours. According to the evaluation and future outlook, it was decided to have the existing observation tower demolished and design a new one instead.
    The design is considering the existing situation, the surroundings and it is user friendly. Total height of the designed new tower is 24,5 m.

    • Location: Kuusalu municipality
    • Design project of the observation tower
    • observation tower
    • landscape design
    Design project
    • demolition of the existing observation tower
    • designing a new observation tower
    • architectural and constructual design
    • management and exploitation
    Specialist in charge: Urmas Nugin
    Designers: Peep Nurme, Rauno Lõiv, Risto Tihane, Milad Vafaei Nejad
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