“A picture says more than a thousand words.”

    We can create illustrations, photo manipulations, 3D models, 360 degree panoramas or videos, according to the request.

    spatial planning
    Spatial planning

    You have a plot and intend to start developing it but don`t know, from where to start? Before designing and constructing, it is often necessary to begin with spatial planning. It provides a solid foundation for your ideas, which makes it easier to continue with the later phases.

    Civil engineering

    We offer different services in the field of civil engineering. We do architectural, constructional, exterior and interior designing, expertise and survey. By cooperating with our partners, we are also capable of proposing a complete solution.

    landscape design
    Landscape design

    Our principle is that the area we design, has to be visually aesthetic but also comfortable to stay at and well-functioning. If that`s what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. In addition to landscape architecture projects, our landscape architects are involved in all of our proposals, ensuring the functional and aesthetic design already in the early stadiums.

    Hydraulic engineering

    One of our specialties is inland waters hydraulic engineering. We will assist you, if there are problems with the water level, there is a need for more water, to design a water body, to grow something in the water or to put the water to work for your own benefit.

    Land amelioration

    Economic but stable solutions for water supply or drainage systems. Land amelioration is changing the soil, water conditions or landscape, in order to raise the fertility of the land. You might need it, when your land is too dry or too wet.