During 2012-2013 Inseneribüroo Urmas Nugin OÜ took part in a project, which aim was to improve the ecological situation of the downstream of Laeva river.
    Due to previous land amelioration the riverbed was clogged and since the water could not pass through anymore, the vegetation started to grow over. We creatated a project, aiming to clear a section of the riverbed from the rubble, deepen it and remove the sediments.
    The excavation took place in a 6960 meters long section of the riverbed, with the capacity of ca 10 000 m3. The work got done in the autumn of 2015 and as a result water could again flow through the riverbed and the ecological situation of the downstream was improved.

    • Location: Laeva municipality
    • Reparation of the river section at the meadow, restoring the way for water to pass through
    Design project
    • technical solution of the reparation of the river section
    • constructing an access point
    • cutting trees
    • removing the sediment and designing a riverbed
    Specialist in charge: Urmas Nugin
    Designer: Raul Tihane
    Author of the photos: Marko Kohv
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