The project area is located in Värska municipality of Põlva county and the proposal is about dismantling and relocating an existing boat house and demolishing and replacing a pier. The new pier comes with a shelter for the boats and in addition a boat ramp and breakwaters were designed, which altogether form a unite solution.

    • Location: Värska municipality
    Design project
    • dismantling an existing pier, boardwalk and underwater constructions of the boat house
    • dismantling and relocating a boat house
    • constructing breakwaters
    • constructing a boat ramp
    • constructing a floating pier with a boat shelter
    Compiled by Inseneribüroo Urmas Nugin OÜ and partners:
    Superintendent, hydraulic engineer: Urmas Nugin
    Project manager: Lauri Lokko
    Architect: Alar Liin
    Constructor: Marten Karise
    Constructor: Morten Poolakese
    Auditor: Raul Tihane
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