The aim of the project was reconstruction and reparation of Lepiku ditch in Tallinn botanic garden. A ditch ca 200 m long was muddy and dilapidated, in some places without any fortification and blocking the water flow.

    It was a complex project because of rare plant species growing on the sides of the ditch, due to which the ditch could not have been widened and a solution had to be found to fortificate the relatively steep slopes.
    The ditch was designed in a way that the water would stay there for as long as possible and its flow would be moderate, in order to create the sediments, which provide necessary nutrients for the plants growing nearby.

    The construction works took place in spring of 2014.

    • location: Tallinn botanic garden
    • Aim: reconstruction of the ditch
    Raul Tihane (designer)

    Kristiina Habicht (landscape architect)

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