Landscape design

    After getting a kiss from the prince, Sleeping Beauty finally woke up from the long sleep. Still in her bedroom, she immediately approached the window, hoping to see her beautiful castle park.. but after getting there she was stunned by the horror- within 100 years her gorgeous beloved park had become overgrown! She wanted to gauge her eyes out but fortunately fainted before, dropping in the arms of the prince. The prince then took a look at the garden and realized the concern. He immediately gave an order to trim the trees, plant the flowers and design the landscape, even to create a lovely pond. When Sleeping Beauty came to, remembering the horror, she instantly ran to the window again- but this time the horror was gone, gone was also the park from her memories. There was something even more beautiful and breathtaking instead. The following beautiful moments that are also not recorded in the fairy tale, she spent in her fabulous castle park.

    If you don`t have a castle or a prince like that, don`t worry. We will fix the horror that exists in your park or garden, just like in the sequel of Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. In addition to compiling park management plans and designing gardens, we are also experienced in designing the following:

    hiking trails
    Hiking trails
    manor parks
    Manor parks
    recreational areas
    Recreational areas
    artificial water bodies
    Artificial water bodies
    soe staadion
    Sports fields
    outdoor areas
    Other outdoor areas