Haimre manor park- under protection and with a size of 10,59 hectares, is located in Haimre village, Märjamaa municipality, Rapla county.

    From the historical point of view there is a thorough list of foreign plant species found in the park, created in 1865 by manor gardener August Dietrich (1820-1898).

    During the dendrological evaluation 2300 trees growing in the park were evaluated.

    The aim of the restauration of Haimre manor park was to preserve and restore its spatial structure and historical elements while integrating modern components into it. Among other smaller constructions we designed an outdoor singing stage, which is modelled after the Muhamed`s chapel in the park.

    Restauration works of Haimre manor park:
    • dendrological evaluation
    • restoring the roads and squares
    • designing smaller constructions
    • planning the lighting
    • cleaning the ponds

    Liisa Nõmmiste

    Kristiina Habicht

    Alar Liin

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